What happens to the card when I leave the university?

Validity of the card

The card is valid until the end of the date written on the TRW strip.

Whose property is it?

The card normally becomes the card holder's property after leaving university. It must therefore not be handed back in.

The card contains personal data and so it should be stored safely or destroyed.

Remaining credit

The Studentenwerk can pay out any remaining credit on the card in cash. It is normally not possible for institutions at Kiel University to do this because they have no access to the Studentenwerk accounts for data privacy reasons.

The Central Library account

In order to de-register and leave the university it is absolutely necessary to settle any outstanding payments and close your membership account with the Central Library. The account number on the student ID contains information on the status group and can therefore not be used after your studies.

A new account in the correct user group can then be applied for at any time in the Central Library.

The sports forum account

Generally speaking, similar requirements and framework conditions apply as for library accounts.

The semester ticket

Student ID cards are blocked in the Card Management System when you de-register. It is not possible to validate them after then. The semester ticket is valid until the end of the semester written on the TRW strip.