Who can I ask if I have any problems?

Student ID card

Please feel free to contact Student Admission and Registry or the International Center if you have any questions on issuing and using the student ID card. 

The semester ticket

Please contact Kiel University's AStA if you have any questions regarding the scope of validity or returning semester tickets. The offices are located in Mensa 1.

If you experience problems updating (validating) the ticket, staff at Student Admission and Registry will be happy to help.

Credit accounts

The Studentenwerk SH is responsible for credit accounts. Studentenwerk staff at the service point in the hexagon building by Mensa 1 can provide more information on this.

User accounts at the Central Library and the Sports Centre

If you have any questions about setting up or using a user account, staff at the Central Library or the Sports Centre will be able to help.  Please ask at the information desk in the reception area at the library, or at the sports centre office in the sports forum.

Cards for the specialised libraries

The CAU Card can not be used as a specialised library card.

Data protection

You can find detailed information on data protection and privacy on the CAU Card's website under the heading Information on data protection. If your questions are not answered sufficiently here, please contact the data protection officer at Kiel University.

During the introduction phase you can also contact the project team directly: