How to return my semester ticket?

Return of the semester ticket need to be requested at the AStA as before. If the ticket is already validated on your card, it will be erased during the process.

I have not provided my photo so far. Is there any option to make up leeway?

Yes, you can request your ID by submitting the completed form. The photo can be provided on the upload platform in parallel, or after submitting your request.

I have not received a CAU Card. What can I do?

Please send a short notice to campuscard_projekt@uv.uni-kiel.de. Using your stu-mail account or including your stu-identifier to your message will help to speed-up the analysis.

I will complete my studies by end of sommer term 2016. Do I need to upload my picture?

No, you do not need to upload your picture.

Should you need a Student ID card for winter term 2016 by any unforeseen reason, you can request your ID at a later stage.

I’d like to mark my ID with braille characters. Who is in charge?

Currently the project team is in charge, later the task will be handed over to student office. Please contact them by phone or mail to get more details.

My card has been validated for summer term 2016, why?

Validation system is checking the payment status at the campus management system. As payment is done by using services of the Studentenwerk it can take a few days between payment order and booking at the system.

Please validate your card once again a few days later.


On card back side the number 2200xxxx is printed. Why?

Numbers of the scheme 2200xxxx have been generated by the systems, because no active user account at the library could be identified for you. There is no active account for such number at the time of card issuance and there is not any obligation for you connected to that number.

If you wants to use the account number, please request at the library.

What happens to the card when I leave the university?

Validity of the card

The card is valid until the end of the date written on the TRW strip.

Whose property is it?

The card normally becomes the card holder's property after leaving university. It must therefore not be handed back in.

The card contains personal data and so it should be stored safely or destroyed.

Remaining credit

The Studentenwerk can pay out any remaining credit on the card in cash. It is normally not possible for institutions at Kiel University to do this because they have no access to the Studentenwerk accounts for data privacy reasons.

The Central Library account

In order to de-register and leave the university it is absolutely necessary to settle any outstanding payments and close your membership account with the Central Library. The account number on the student ID contains information on the status group and can therefore not be used after your studies.

A new account in the correct user group can then be applied for at any time in the Central Library.

The sports forum account

Generally speaking, similar requirements and framework conditions apply as for library accounts.

The semester ticket

Student ID cards are blocked in the Card Management System when you de-register. It is not possible to validate them after then. The semester ticket is valid until the end of the semester written on the TRW strip.

What happens with existing IDs and cards?

Paper based student ID and ticket will become invalid by end of sommer term and can be scrapped afterwards.

The old library card will be accepted by a certain while in parallel, and should be returned or scrapped in safe manner in short term.

Sport center MagStripe card will remain valid until you ask for registration of the user ID printed on the back of the card.

The old CampusCard will remain valid, but should be returned at service points of the Studentenwerk.

When receiving the card, the semester ticket is not activated. Why?

The CAU Card will become active by winter term 2016/17 only. Therefore no validity information are printed on the card at time of issuance. This can be done at self-service terminals which have been installed at several sites on the campus.

Nevertheless the purse can be used immediately.

Where can I found the self-service station to validate my semester ticket?

Currently there are 7 stations installed at following sites.

  1. Tower building (CAP4) - foyer
  2. Canteen 1 - main entry
  3. Canteen 1 - main entry
  4. Canteen 2 - foyer
  5. Central library - foyer
  6. Canteen TF - printer room
  7. Library MF (Breiter Weg 10) - locker room


Please note: Similar terminals at the University of Applied Sciences will not work for this purpose.

Which ID I need to use for the upload process?

To register, please use your stu-number and password.

Forgotten your log-in details?

You can use your registration number to view your log-in details on the StudiNet-Portal.

Link to the StudiNet-Portal

Forgotten your password?

If you forget your password you can use your RZ Pin in the StudiNet-Portal to be issued a new password.

Link to the StudiNet-Portal


Which information is saved on the card?

The following data can be seen on the card:

  1. First and surname, including any titles
  2. Registration number
  3. User account number for the Central Library and the Sports Centre (number and bar code)
  4. The card's serial number

The following data is saved on the card's chip:

  1. Registration number
  2. Card number
  3. Information on the Studentenwerk account (amount in the account, status group)

Who can I ask if I have any problems?

Student ID card

Please feel free to contact Student Admission and Registry or the International Center if you have any questions on issuing and using the student ID card. 

The semester ticket

Please contact Kiel University's AStA if you have any questions regarding the scope of validity or returning semester tickets. The offices are located in Mensa 1.

If you experience problems updating (validating) the ticket, staff at Student Admission and Registry will be happy to help.

Credit accounts

The Studentenwerk SH is responsible for credit accounts. Studentenwerk staff at the service point in the hexagon building by Mensa 1 can provide more information on this.

User accounts at the Central Library and the Sports Centre

If you have any questions about setting up or using a user account, staff at the Central Library or the Sports Centre will be able to help.  Please ask at the information desk in the reception area at the library, or at the sports centre office in the sports forum.

Cards for the specialised libraries

The CAU Card can not be used as a specialised library card.

Data protection

You can find detailed information on data protection and privacy on the CAU Card's website under the heading Information on data protection. If your questions are not answered sufficiently here, please contact the data protection officer at Kiel University.

During the introduction phase you can also contact the project team directly:


Why does my card not work on some photocopiers?

The DocuLounge machines (photocopiers, scanners, etc.) are connected to two self-sufficient systems.

  • System 1 applies to Kiel University's students and guests and is invoiced by the Studentenwerk. Machines connected to this system accept the CampusCard and the student ID card. The amount due is deducted from your remaining credit immediately.
  • System 2 provides photocopying, printing and scanning services for staff and other authorised individuals at Kiel University. This is paid for via cost centres. Existing cost centre cards are available to use these services. It is also possible - after approval by the responsible person at the cost centre - to register and use other contactless cards with the Mifare system. The CampusCard from the Studentenwerk and the CAU Card are generally suitable for this.

Will the CAU Card replace the international student ID card?

The CAU Card is not an International Student Identity Card. The CAU Card was designed in English to be used as proof of registration at facilities outside of Germany. No entitlement to associated benefits or services can be derived from the CAU Card.

The International Student Identity Card issued by the ISIC can also be applied for, if you need it. Please find out about this from the ISIC website or the AStA.

Integrating the International Student Identity Card is difficult due to the optional use and the annual ISIC fee, and can currently not be displayed.