Functions of the CAU Card

The CAU Card is intended to be a multifunctional ID card that supports various services available at Kiel University. This page provides a brief description of the individual functions and their uses.

Use of the functions depicted on the CAU Card is not guaranteed, in each case. If you have any questions on using any of the services, please contact the respective provider.


The CAU Card serves as an ID card at Kiel University. The following information is therefore stored on the card:

  1. Name of the card holder
  2. Photograph of the card holder
  3. ID number of the card holder (registration number)

The card may be required as identification for examinations. Please see the relevant examination regulations for more information.

The semester ticket

The semester ticket is contractually stipulated by the AStA at Kiel University and the VRK Verbund. If you have any questions on what the ticket covers, please contact the contractual partners.

The semester ticket is identified on the CAU Card by an imprint of the VRK logo and the current semester. This imprint is updated at special validation terminals once you have paid your semester fee.

Note: It may take a few days for the semester fee transfer to be booked in the Campus Management System. If the validation doesn't work immediately after you have transferred the semester fee, please try again a few days later.

User card for the Central Library

The Central Library uses the number on the back of the CAU Card. This number is shown as a bar code with the digits underneath.

The card holder is under no obligations through the user number on the CAU Card. You will need to accept the User Regulations to set up an active account in the Centre Library.


An activated user account entitles you to use the services at the Central Library. The specialised libraries (Fachbibliotheken) have their own User Regulations which the CAU Card does not support.


Membership card for University Sport

The sports forum at Kiel University, like the Central Library, uses the personal bar code number on the back of the CAU Card.

Existing membership cards from the Sports Centre are still valid. You can apply to use the membership number on the CAU Card in the Sports Centre.

Credit accounts from the Studentenwerk

The credit function on the CAU Card is the same as the one on the CampusCard from the Studentenwerk. Once you have put credit on your CAU Card (which can be done at any of the terminals on campus) you can use it to pay in the canteens.

Payment at dedicated copy machines will be possible on next generation machines.

Terminals at other facilities from the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein may not yet be set up to use the more modern Mifare DESFire cards. These terminals will not be able to read the CAU Card. This is not a functional problem of the CAU Card.



Active CampusCards from the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein can be used furthermore without limitations. The service life of the cards is limited by the expiry date stored in chip of the card only.

If you want to return the CampusCard at the Studentenwerk, please use the remaining credit as good as possible. A transfer of the credit from CampusCard to CAU Card is not possible.

CampusCards can be returned at cafeterias and info points at Mensa 1 (Westring 385) and Mensa 2 (Leibnizstraße 14)


Photocopying with the CAU Card

Your CAU Card can currently not be used for payments at copy machines of the DocuLounge. Installed card readers do not support Mifare DESfire and are not upgradable. A project to install new copy machines has been started, but is currently on hold because of technical issues.

Please use the CampusCard of the Studentenwerk at dedicated copy and scan machines.

The CAU Card can be registered as an access token in Kiel University's cost-based copying system, if you have the corresponding authorisation. In this case, only the Chip ID (UID) is read and stored.

Entry control (none)

Entry control systems are currently not supported.