Credit accounts from the Studentenwerk

The credit function on the CAU Card is the same as the one on the CampusCard from the Studentenwerk. Once you have put credit on your CAU Card (which can be done at any of the terminals on campus) you can use it to pay in the canteens.

Payment at dedicated copy machines will be possible on next generation machines.

Terminals at other facilities from the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein may not yet be set up to use the more modern Mifare DESFire cards. These terminals will not be able to read the CAU Card. This is not a functional problem of the CAU Card.



Active CampusCards from the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein can be used furthermore without limitations. The service life of the cards is limited by the expiry date stored in chip of the card only.

If you want to return the CampusCard at the Studentenwerk, please use the remaining credit as good as possible. A transfer of the credit from CampusCard to CAU Card is not possible.

CampusCards can be returned at cafeterias and info points at Mensa 1 (Westring 385) and Mensa 2 (Leibnizstraße 14)