Tips for editing images

Please adjust your photo to meet the parameters given above before you upload it. Programmes such as GIMP and MS Paint, or the Web-Tool Online Image Editor are all freely available and suitable for this task.

This last tool has all the required functions and is comparatively easy to use. A description of the necessary functions can be found further down.

When you have finished making changes, save the photo to your data carrier.


Please remember that this is an external tool and that your photo must be uploaded to the server owned by the provider.


Editing images with the ONLINE IMAGE EDITOR

The editing process can be divided into four steps, which are each briefly described below. Additional steps such as adjusting the brightness or using various effects are usually not necessary.


Clicking on 'Search' opens a Windows dialogue which can be used to search for and select the file to be edited on the local computer.

Converting or adjusting sizes is not necessary at this point. It is also not necessary to activate any checkboxes here.

Clicking on 'Upload' will load the photo in the editing window.


This can be done using the Crop function. Activate the function using the corresponding tab. The function is visible by the colour of the tab and a frame for cropping.

Use the mouse to position the frame. Move the cursor into the frame. When it changes to a cross sign, move the frame by dragging and dropping.

Then you can set the frame's width or height by dragging the edges. Do this by positioning the cursor over the edge you want to adjust until it changes into a double arrow. Then drag the edge to the position you want it in.

The second dimension is to set the required aspect ratio. Do this by adjusting the figure (to the left of the editing screen).

The aspect ratio should be 3:4. This results in a height = (width:3) x 4 or width = (height:4) x 3.

Optimise the image selection by repeating these steps.

Save the changes with 'Apply'.

Changing the size

You can use the RESIZE function to change the size of your photo. Make sure you remember to activate the "Aspect Ratio" checkbox, so that you do not lose the previously set 3:4 ratio.

Now use the slider or enter the figure to set the width at 300 (pixels).

Save the changes with 'Apply'.

Saving the photo

Save your changes using the SAVE button. We recommend saving the image locally. If you have a Picasa or Facebook account, you can also save your photo here.

Converting files (optional)

If your image file is not a ".jpg" file, please use the "Convert" function in the wizards to change it to a .jpg file.

To do this, select "jpg" in the drop-down menu and click "Apply".