Instructions uploading the photo

Starting the application

The application starts with a registration process.

The picture shows the link to the start of the photo upload process

Registration process

To register, please use your stu-number and password.

The picture shows the notifying mask

Forgotten your log-in details?

You can use your registration number to view your log-in details on the StudiNet-Portal.

Link to the StudiNet-Portal

Forgotten your password?

If you forget your password you can use your RZ Pin in the StudiNet-Portal to be issued a new password.

Link to the StudiNet-Portal

The process

Via Allocation you can re-check if the application has correctly registered you under your stu-number. If this has not been done correctly, please register again and inform the University Computing Centre (Rechenzentrum) of the error.

The following process can be divided into two steps: Selecting an image file and then uploading the file.

The picture shows the process of uploading a photo

Selecting a photo

Under Photo you can see the requirements that the photo must fulfil.

Please check in advance that your photo is sufficient for the specified requirements. You can find information on adjusting a photo on the CAU Card webpages.

When you click on Search a standard dialogue will open. Please select the folder and file on your data carrier.

The picture shows the send button to upload a photo

When you have confirmed your selection the dialogue window will close itself. The file name will now appear next to the Search button. If a different file name is displayed, you can repeat the selection.

Uploading the photo

Once you have successfully selected a photo it can be uploaded onto the university server using the upload button.

The picture shows the screen after uploading a photo

The photo will be checked to see if it meets the system's specified parameters (file type, dimensions, aspect ratio).

If these are not met, the upload will be terminated. The system will then give an error message with the reason the photo was rejected.

The picture shows an error note

Checking the photo

Before the file is saved, the application checks additional parameters in the image file and corrects them in certain cases. In rare instances this may mean that the picture or the frame is changed. The final picture will be displayed again for you to check.

If this portrait picture does not meet your expectations, you can return to the selection process using the link below the photo.

If you are happy with the picture, please click on the confirm picture button to confirm the upload.

The picture shows the screen after uploading a photo

Confirmation and logging out

You will receive a short message confirming that the process has been successful.

The picture shows the confirmation screen after uploading a photo

After a few seconds you will automatically be logged out and redirected to the start page.

The picture shows the logout dialog

You can cancel the process at any time and repeat it as often as you like until the card is issued. Photos which have been uploaded previously will be replaced.

The files will be stored on the server with an encryption for reasons relating to data privacy. It is therefore not possible to display uploaded photos.