Portrait photo requirements

The portrait photo for the CAU Card does NOT have to meet the same requirements as a biometric passport photo.

However, the Card Management System does have a few of its own requirements for the photographs.

They should have an aspect ratio of 3:4, whereby slight deviations to this ideal ratio will be tolerated. The photos can be between 210 and 450 pixels wide. When the aspect ratio is taken into account, this results in a height of between 280 and 600 pixels. The upload tool will reject photos which do not fulfil these requirements with a descriptive error message.

Requirement Value

File type

JPG (the upload tool also accepts PNG. A conversion will take place during the uploading process)

Aspect ratio

3:4 (width:height)

Width of the image

210 to 450 pixels (width = 0.75 x height)

Height of the image

280 to 600 pixels (height = 1.33 x width)


You can find information about preparing your photo in our tips for editing images.

Your face should take up at least 60% and maximum 90% of the picture. The ideal range is between 70% and 80%.

The picture shows the necessary facial proportions of the image on the CAU Card