Admission to examinations

Legal basis: Section 9 of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) (.pdf)

Checking admission to and dates of examinations you have registered for

On both of the two working days before the start of the examination period you are required to check your binding admission to the examinations and the exact examination dates. The exact dates on which you should check your admission can be found here (timetable).

Admission to the majority of examinations can be checked via the CAU portal. In some cases, admission lists are also published on notice boards.

Important: If you check your admissions via the Studierenden-Online-Funktion online tool, please make a print-out using the "Info on registered examinations"  tool. Keep this print-out in a safe place; you may need it later as evidence to clarify any disagreements. If you have any queries or if there is anything you disagree with, please contact the relevant Examination Office without delay.

Individual examination dates e.g. for oral examinations

The way in which individual dates are set e.g. for oral examinations differs from faculty to faculty and from subject and to subject. Often the dates are issued by a central office. In some cases you have to arrange an appointment (time) with your lecturer directly. You can find out more from your Examination Office.

You can check the details of your oral examinations (date, time, place) via the CAU portal or the relevant Examination Office's or department's notice boards.

Please note: For organisational reasons, the details are only binding as from the last two days before the examination period.