Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis

Legal basis: Section 12 of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) (.pdf)

The exact procedures for a Bachelor's and Master's thesis varies from subject to subject. The basic terms and conditions are defined in the Examination Procedure Regulations (.pdf) and, if necessary, in the Double-Subject Examination Regulations (.pdf).

Double-subject students can generally choose the subject of their thesis, but in some subjects the choice is associated with certain conditions. Information on this and other subject-specific regulations can be found in your degree-specific Examination Regulations.

Most institutes regularly host information events during which lecturers explain the subject-specific procedures. If anything is unclear, however, you can also contact your academic adviser or relevant Examination Office. In certain circumstances, the relevant Examinations Office's web pages also offer more detailed information.

Opportunities to repeat your thesis

"A failed thesis can be repeated once. The new thesis topic will be set in due time, in general within a period of three months following the evaluation of the first thesis. The topic may only be returned in the case a second thesis is written, if the student has not made use of this option when writing the first thesis." (Section 12 (9) of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO))

What are the "typical" procedures for a Bachelor's/Master's thesis?

  • Review: Are the subject requirements met?
  • Selection of topic and assessor and registration at Examination Office: Please contact your Examination Office for more information on exact procedures for the thesis.
  • Submission on time
  • Grading