Legal basis: Sections 21, 22 of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) (.pdf)

Transcripts of records

Transcripts of records list all the examinations that you have taken during your Bachelor's or Master's degree programme. Alongside passed examinations, they usually also list all registrations and failed attempts.

If you require a transcript of records

  • after changing degree programme or university
  • as the basis for the assessment of your studies by the BAföG officer (Student Financial Assistance Programme) or
  • for job applications,

this can be issued to you by the relevant Examination Office. Please note that some Examination Offices will only issue a limited number of transcripts of records each semester. Instead, you can obtain this information from the web pages of the relevant Examination Office.

Transcripts for your own personal use can be printed out via the CAU portal.

Important note: Please keep your transcript of records safe! Four years after the end of your studies, we are required to delete certain personal data in accordance with student data regulations (StudDatenVO).

Qualification certificates

If you have successfully completed your studies, you will receive a document, a certificate and, if already available for your degree programme, a diploma supplement (statement on the degree's international classification). The certificate contains the following information:

  • Description of the degree programme or parts of the degree programme and the specific field of study
  • Overall grade and, if applicable, subject grades and grade for the specific field of study (only for studies in secondary education (Profil Lehramt an Gymnasien) and studies in business education (Profil Handelslehrer))
  • Total ECTS credits required to pass the Bachelor's or Master's examination
  • A list of all modules required to pass the Bachelor's or Master's examination, including module grades (if available) and identification of recognised academic achievements
  • Subject and grade of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis, including the name of the first assessor, second assessor, as well as, if necessary, the subject in which the thesis was produced

After establishing the final examination result, the relevant Examination Office has four weeks to produce your degree qualification certificates. Please contact the Examination Office if you are not sure whether you must apply for degree certificates in your subject or whether these are produced automatically.