The registration period ends at the weekend. What do I do to ensure I register on time despite experiencing problems?

If you have problems with registering for or cancelling examinations on the last weekend of the registration period,

  • produce evidence of the problem (print-out of the web page / screenshot) and
  • inform the relevant Examination Office of the problem before the deadline (by midnight on the last day) and
  • come to see us during the next available consultation hours.

Your registration can only be accepted as on time within the registration period if you have performed all three steps listed here!

It is generally advisable to register for and cancel examinations as early as possible.

Please note: As with the end of the regular registration and cancellation period, the last possible date to cancel a written examination may fall on a Saturday or Sunday. If you have problems, the above-mentioned procedures regarding observing deadlines also apply here.

See also examination registration and cancellation.