What does it mean if examinations in the registration diagram are marked with an "x"?

Sometimes optional modules "share" one or more examinations and as a result these can be registered for via different modules. Please make sure that you select the right module when registering. Changing your selection at a later date is especially difficult if the degree-specific Examination Regulations state that the choice of module is binding.

After registration this examination is marked with an "x" under all possible modules in the registration diagram. This does not mean that you are registered for this examination several times. It is simply to prevent you from registering for the same examination through different modules. Do not cancel the examination under what you think is the wrong module - this would also cancel the registration for the examination in the correct module.

Note: If you register for or cancel an examination via the wrong module by accident, please contact the relevant Examination Office. In addition to your registration number, please also state your degree programme and examination number so that your enquiry can be processed as quickly as possible.

In the following example the "3230 - Klausur:  Proseminar zur Neueren deutschen Literatur im Vertiefungsmodul" (3230 - Written Examination: Undergraduate Seminar on Modern German Literature in the Advanced Module) is registered for via module "3200 - deut-2 V-NDL - Neuere deutsche Literatur/Medien - Vertiefung (3200 - deut-2 V-NDL - Modern German Literature/Media - Advanced). As this examination could also be taken within the framework of module "3500 - deut-1 K-NDL - Neuere deutsche Literatur - komplementäre Vertiefung" (3500 - deut-1 K-NDL - Modern German Literature - complementary, advanced) (if the subject German is studied with Supplementary Studies (Profil Fachergänzung)), the written examination will be displayed as registered for here too: