Calculating the subject grade / overall grade

Legal basis: Section 14 of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO)

The Bachelor’s or Master’s examination is passed if all module examinations required in accordance with the degree-specific Examination Regulations and also, in the case of double-subject degree programmes, the Double-Subject Examination Regulations are passed and the thesis is passed and therefore the required number of ECTS credits has been achieved.

The degree-specific Examination Regulations stipulate which of the module grades are incorporated into the subject grade calculation and at what weighting. For instance, the subject grade can be calculated as the arithmetic average of the module grades or the module grades can be weighted with assigned ECTS credits or it may just include individual module grades.

The degree-specific Examination Regulations for single-subject degree programmes also state how the overall grade is calculated, that is, by combining the subject grade with the Bachelor's or Master´s thesis grade.

The method for calculating the overall grade for double-subject degree programmes is described in the Double-Subject Examination Regulations. The overall grade is made up of both subject grades, the grade for the Bachelor's or Master´s thesis and, if applicable, the grade for the specific field of study (only for studies in secondary education (Profil Lehramt an Gymnasien) and studies in business education (Profil Handelslehrer)).