The joker card regulation

Legal basis: Section 11 of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) (.pdf)


I. Content of the regulation

According to Section 11 of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO), you can apply for a third resit attempt (joker) for a total of two examinations during your entire period of study, without having to present special reasons for this. The use of both “joker cards” for the same examination is not permitted. If you change degree programme or pursue a second degree programme at Kiel University, you will not receive any additional “joker cards”.

II. The requirements for using a "joker card"

In order to use a "joker card"

  • a module examination must have been failed at the third attempt or have been considered failed and
  • the application for a “joker card” must have been submitted within one month after the end of the relevant examination results review period in accordance with Section 9 (7) of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO). The application must be made in writing via the relevant Examination Office to the Chair of the Examination Board. You can find the appropriate form here: Forms.

Available “joker cards” should be selected and used carefully. You should always try to cancel the examination in good time or withdraw for a valid reason first. (For more information, see IV.)

III. Entry into force

The “joker card” regulation entered into force on 26 September 2014 and was available for use for the first time for second module examination resit attempts held after 30 June 2014. The "joker card regulation" replaced the former "hardship regulation".

IV. Examination cancellation, withdrawal and excused absence

At this point we would like to highlight once again that – depending on the facts of the case – you should try the following options first:

  • Examination cancellation: At any time during the registration and cancellation period you can cancel examinations that you have already registered for – without giving any reasons.
  • Withdrawal/Absence: After the end of the registration and cancellation period you can withdraw from the examination if you provide evidence of a valid reason (e.g. illness) immediately. The withdrawal can be declared before, during and, in exceptional cases, immediately after the examination. If you are unable to attend an examination date unexpectedly for a valid reason (e.g. accident on the way to the examination), your absence is considered excused if evidence of the reason is provided immediately. Further details and the necessary forms can be found on the following pages: Withdrawal, Absence, Forms.

V. Changing degree programme following approval of a joker card application

If after a 4th examination attempt has been granted, you change to a new degree programme without taking this 4th examination attempt in the first degree programme, you must refrain from using your joker card in your old degree programme (see VI) so that you can use it in the new degree programme. As a result, the old degree programme is still considered irrevocably failed. If, however, you plan to change back to your first degree programme at a later date, the joker card is considered used, along with recognition of the examination that led to the grade "irrevocably failed" in the first degree programme and was passed in the second degree programme.

VI. Withdrawing a joker card application, refraining from using a joker card that has already been approved

If you would like to withdraw a joker card application or refrain from using an approved joker card, please submit the appropriate form to the relevant Examination Office.