Missing an examination

Legal basis: Section 23 (1) of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) (.pdf)

Consequences of not turning up for an examination

  • If you do not attend an examination without first being excused from it, the examination will be considered "failed" (Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) Section 20). The missed examination is graded as "not sufficient" (5.0) and is counted as a failed attempt and one of your possible resits.
  • After missing an examination, you must re-register for the examination yourself, independently and on your own authority. There is no automatic registration for the next examination date.

Note: If you have submitted an application to withdraw for a valid reason in accordance with Section 20 (2) of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) and this is approved by the Examination Board, you are excused for missing the examination and it is not counted as a failed attempt.