Examination periods

Legal basis: Section 9 (1) of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO)

You will find the timetable for the current semester in the timetable section.

General information on examination periods

For all Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes there are two standard examination periods*, both lasting 2 weeks.


The 1st examination period covers the last week of the lecture period and the first week of the lecture-free period.

The 2nd examination period covers the last week of the lecture-free period and the first week of the lecture period of the next semester.

* The Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology has a different examination period for its examinations, for more information see timetable.

Please note: The decision to wait until the 2nd examination period before taking an examination needs careful consideration. By doing so, you give up one of two earlier examination opportunities. Should you be unable to take the examination or should you fail the examination in the 2nd examination period, e.g. due to illness, the next opportunity you have to take the examination may be one or even two semesters away.


Written and oral examinations outside of the examination periods

Most written examinations and many oral examinations are held during the examination periods, but some are held outside the examination periods, too. Your lecturers will give you plenty of notice of different examination dates.

There are different regulations for other types of examinations (see below). 

Dates for written and oral examinations

Dates will be offered in both examination periods for most examinations. Generally, you can choose whether you would like to take your examinations in the first or the second examination period.

In order to avoid overlapping, written examinations are usually held during the last lecture.

Other types of examinations

Other types of examinations, e.g. project work, attendance certificates, seminar papers, presentations, protocols or assignments, are completed outside the examination periods:

  • The examination dates agreed with the lecturer for the types of examination that are taken during the lecture period are binding!
  • Assignments and other types of examinations that are produced or taken during the lecture-free period must be completed at the latest by the end of the semester. In this case, too, the submission date agreed with the lecturer is binding!

Please note that, generally, these examinations must be registered for during the first registration period!