Resitting an examination

Legal basis: Sections 11 and 12 (9) of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) (.pdf)

Regular opportunities to resit examinations

  • Failed examinations can normally be repeated twice. Examinations that have been passed may not be repeated.
  • You have a third resit opportunity (i.e. a fourth examination attempt) or "joker card" for a total of two examinations for your whole period of study at this university. You can find detailed information on the joker card regulation on the "Joker card regulation" information page.

Registering to resit an examination

After failing an examination, you must register to resit the examination yourself, independently and on your own authority. There is no automatic compulsory registration for the next examination date.

Re-attending lectures

Depending on the course or examination regulations, you may be required to re-attend relevant lectures in order to resit failed examinations. Find out more by speaking to your lecturer in person or visiting your Examination Office.

Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis

"A failed thesis can be repeated once. The new thesis topic will be set in due time, in general within a period of three months following the evaluation of the first thesis. The topic may only be returned in the case a second thesis is written, if the student has not made use of this option when writing the first thesis." (Section 12 (9) of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO))