Withdrawal from examinations

Legal basis: § 23 (2) of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) (.pdf)

The withdrawal procedure

In the last two weeks before the examination period or after the end of the extended cancellation period for written examinations, you can only withdraw from examinations if you have a valid reason for doing so. Non-attendance results in a failed examination attempt.

You apply to withdraw for a valid reason in accordance with the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) § 23 (2). If approved by the Examination Board, you are excused from taking the examination and this does not result in a failed examination attempt.

The reasons given for withdrawal must be provided immediately in writing and supported by credible evidence. This means you must submit the completed withdrawal documents within 4 working days (including the day of the examination) to an Examination Office affected by the withdrawal. The postmark applies as the submission date. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not counted.

  • Please make sure you always use the withdrawal form (.pdf).
  • If the withdrawal is due to illness, you must also submit Kiel University's form certifying the student's inability to take the examination (.pdf) (A "sick note", e.g. that you would present to an employer (certificate of incapacity to work), will not be accepted.)
  • If a child of the examination candidate is ill, and the examination candidate is the child's carer, a doctor's certificate of the child's illness has to be submitted additionaly .
  • In the case of withdrawal for other valid reasons (a sudden, unforeseen event for which the student is not responsible and which makes examination attendance impossible or unreasonable), the form for withdrawal should be supplemented by a written justification and, if necessary, by appropriate evidence.
  • Please note: A later withdrawal for reasons already known at the time of the examination is not possible.

Notes on filling out and submitting the forms

The withdrawal form (.pdf) and the form certifying the student's inability to take the examination (.pdf) are available on this website and each Examination Office's website as well as from the Examination Offices.

  • If several module examinations are affected by the withdrawal, please list all examinations on one single withdrawal form.
  • Even if several Examination Offices are affected by the withdrawal, you only have to submit the withdrawal form and form certifying the student's inability to take the examination or written justification to one of the affected Examination Offices: The documents will be forwarded on from there as appropriate.

Documents can be submitted to the Examination Office in the following ways:

  • You can put them in the letter box
  • You can hand them in in person during consultation hours
  • You can post them

Decision on the application to withdraw

Following receipt of a complete application to withdraw from an examination for a valid reason, the Examination Board will decide within four weeks whether the application was made in good time and whether the reasons for withdrawal are recognised or not.

If the application to withdraw is approved:

  • You will receive no written notification!
  • The examination will not be counted as one of your possible resits.

If the application to withdraw is not approved:

  • You will receive written notification of its rejection with reasons.
  • The candidate must attend the examination or it will be considered a failed examination attempt.
  • Note: Generally, in most cases, notification of the rejection of a withdrawal application is issued/may be issued after the examination date! This means, the candidate would have had to attend the examination. If the candidate does not attend the examination, the examination will be graded as failed.