Here on the central information pages of the Examination Offices for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes you will find information on regulations and procedures relating to examinations during your studies.

Despite the decentralised organisation of Kiel University's subjects and faculties, there are many examination procedures that apply to all Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.
These pages will provide you with comprehensive information on general regulations, as well as references to subject-specific regulations, where necessary. Please note that these web pages are for information purposes only. The relevant Examination Office should always be contacted for individual concerns and enquiries.

Examination Offices at Kiel University (sorted by degree programme)

Examination regulations (sorted by degree programme)

Information on examination procedures


State examinations, diplomas, magisters and ecclesiastical qualifications: If you are looking for information on final examinations for state examinations, diplomas, magisters and ecclesiastical qualifications, you will find the relevant Examination Offices, as well as the current study and examination regulations in the following overview:    Link to the overview